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3 Responses to “AmazonBasics High Speed HDMI Cable with…”

  1. Jish M. says:


    I tested this versus a Monster brand cable and was unable to discern any difference in audio or video performance. I connected this cable from my TV directly to two devices to test it out: Apple TV and Roku XD. It worked perfectly with both of them.

    The cable is rather thick due to its shielding and braiding. Be sure that the holes in your home theater furniture have enough room to pass these cables through (my holes are already so jammed with cables I had a hard time!). Having said that, the thickness give the cable a real “quality feel” … not that it matters since this is something you “set and forget” and really should be out of sight anyhow.

    I was unable to test the ethernet sharing capabilities of this cable.

    A HUGE bonus was the frustration-free packaging. THANK YOU AMAZON.

  2. Brent D. Payne says:


    I have purchased a lot of HDMI cables over the past couple of years. Typically, I spend about $100 on them. I find it, frankly, ridiculous that the industry is able to take advantage of consumers to this level, but I do it. Why? Because I feel if I spend thousands on a receiver, an HDTV, etc. that I don’t want my cabling to be the bottleneck of the system.

    I had a chance to get my hands on the Amazon Basics High Speed HDMI cable and I thought I’d give it a go. I am glad I did.

    1. The cable is of SUPERB quality. I feels in your hand even better than MonsterCable, Audioquest, etc.

    2. The cable is the perfect length. Usually the cable are either 1-meter or 3-meters. Either too short or too long. The 2 meter length is just perfect.

    3. It has the technology to work perfectly with 3D, 240MHz, etc. That’s important considering you’ll want to make sure you are buying cabling that is ‘future proof’.

    4. The price is much better than you’d get for similar or lesser quality from Monster or Audioquest.

    5. It’s Amazon backed . . . okay, so everything is Amazon-backed but I just get some added comfort knowing this is Amazon’s white-labeled brand. But I’m an Amazon fanboy so . . . 🙂

    I will definitely buy my future cable needs from AmazonBasics . . . because their cabling is far from ‘basic’.

  3. Scott Anderson says:


    This product worked well right out of the box. Frustration free packaging, easy to plug in and quality audio and picture is the result.

    I liked the heft and feel of the braided wire, and it was pretty easy to maneuver around and behind the TV into the Roku XD streaming video box.

    What more can be said, Amazon backed, Amazon quality and Amazon pricing. It’s an HDMI triple play, with a home-run tacked on. Thanks Amazon!


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