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LOCK LACES for Boots (Elastic No Tie Boot Laces) (Pack of 3)

LOCK LACES for Boots (Elastic No Tie Boot Laces) (Pack of 3) Rating:
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Camo LOCK LACES are 72" in length and can stretch up to 108" (.25 cm in diameter, 7-strand fibers). The laces are a one size fits all for both children and adults. It is recommend that the user's foot is inserted in the boot or shoe during the installation process prior to trimming the excess lace 4-6 inches from the Lock device then attaching your Cord Clip end piece. Each package of Camo LOCK LACES contains 2 laces, 2 Lock devices and 2 Cord Clip end pieces suitable for lacing up 1 pair of boots or shoes (3 packs are suitable for lacing up 3 pairs of shoes). Why LOCK LACES? Camo LOCK LACES are heavy duty, waterproof 72" laces, making them the perfect replacement laces for any hunting, hiking, camping, or military boots. Plus, our no tie fastening system means that you'll never have to worry about your boots or shoes coming untied again. We know that style can be as important as functionality, so we've designed our camo pattern to match most hunting, hiking, and military boots. What separates LOCK LACES from their competitors and other products is the overall quality of the lacing system, which includes being water resistant, durability, ease of use and simple installation. The laces are elastic which gives the user an extra stretch-fit comfort and support by conforming to the user's foot, which reduces heel slippage and pressure points along with increasing blood flow throughout the foot.


  • NO TIE LACING SYSTEM: Never waste time lacing up your boots again. With Camo Lock Laces, you can turn all of your boots into adjustable slip-ons. Camo LOCK LACES are the original PATENTED (US Patent # 6026548) no tie shoelaces for boots that were developed 02/22/2000 and have the ability to turn your boots OR shoes into a slip-on.
  • STRETCH FIT COMFORT: Camo LOCK LACES conform to your feet for better comfort and support as opposed to traditional round boot laces. Camo LOCK LACES also reduce pressure points throughout your foot, which means your feet will feel better when you're out hunting, hiking, or working.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Quick installation and easy to use. One size fits all; Camo LOCK LACES are 72 inches (.25 cm, 7-strand fibers) in length and can stretch up to 108 inches, but their trim-to-fit design also allows them to fit boots that require 48 or 54 inch laces. We recommend installing the laces while the foot is inserted in the boot or shoe to allow for a more custom fit and secure feel.
  • PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: Whether you're looking for heavy duty, waterproof, durable replacement laces for your work boots or more comfortable no tie shoelaces for your trail hiking boots, Camo LOCK LACES make an ideal utility product for everyone.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Camo LOCK LACES are guaranteed for the life of a single pair of lace up boots or shoes. We know that once you try Camo LOCK LACES, you'll never go back to your old laces.


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