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Get in shape with an engaging and challenging workout all in the comfort of your own home. EyeToy: Kinetic, exclusive to the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, is a unique and innovative fitness product that acts as an in-home personal trainer to create authentic customized exercise routines with real-time performance evaluations for more effective workouts. Utilizing the revolutionary EyeToy technology, EyeToy: Kinetic offers players an all-in-one fitness program of cardio, mind and body, and strength exercises inspired by Aerobics, Capoeira, Kick Boxing, Yoga, Modern Dance and Tai Chi. Choose between two unique personal trainers each of whom provide guidance and assess players' performances as they engage in 12-week training programs or select individual routines to tone specific areas of the body. To create a more interactive and robust workout experience, the innovative EyeToy technology measures the force and direction of the players' movements, analyzes them and provides real-time performance evaluations. Whether players are fitness fanatics or looking to rev up their workout routine, EyeToy: Kinetic provides a fun, personalized fitness experience custom tailored to each players' fitness level, schedule and overall objectives. Select a challenging and intensive 12-week training program, which keeps track of workout schedules and monitors progress Train in 4 different environments - Dojo, Dance Studio, Zen Garden and Loft Designed for all fitness abilities Includes the EyeToy Full Vision Lens adaptor for a full-interactive experience Features a clean, sophisticated graphic design


  • Features -
  • Provides players with a superior fitness experience all in the comfort of their own home
  • Experience a true interactive fitness experience with EyeToy - Kinetic's real-time performance evaluations
  • Designed to improve general fitness, reactions, posture, balance, breathing and all-around body toning and conditioningTwo unique personal trainers provide professional guidance and encouragement
  • Players can choose from 4 Zones of discipline - Cardio, Combat, Toning and Mind & Body for an all-in-one fitness program


3 Responses to “Eye Toy Kinetic”

  1. sweatervest says:


    I own five games for Eye Toy, the majority of the Eye Toy collection.

    This might be the best use of this technology thus far. Fun, exhausting and highly customizable. There are thousands of ways to play this game. Each exercise has its own unique choice of music and an initial difficulty level that automatically increases as you progress through the routine. Entire guided fitness plans are created for each player after series of questions. It even snaps progress photos as you complete your plan.

    In addition as the camera, a wide-angle lense is included to accomodate an entire body workout. After your body and a Playstation, everything you need is included. This is more than a game, it is a revolutionary exploration into what video games can do for us.

    Per usual, while the Eye Toy does require a rather bright room to function well, a standard two-bulb overhead fixture works fine. If you really want the full Eye Toy experience, I would reccommend this game, as well as Antigrav.

  2. wade says:


    Over all the game has a very sweet idea to it play games and excercise at the same time. when you buy this title you wont be able to wait till you get home.

    as soon as you start you build a profile your height, weight , age and how active you are. After you select your personal trainer they will set up a routine for you. mine was set up for advanced the first week i had a routine on Wed/Thu Fri/Sat Sun/Mon which seems like a lot of work but the excercises range from 4-10 minutes long each routine had only three excercise’s though. if you dont want to go that route and want to just start playing you can build a routine. you routines will consist of either Combat, toning, mind and body , or Cardio. For those of you who think this product wont work i play football and baseball and the cardio workouts will get you winded and sweating,provided you dont cheat. And even if you think you are pretty warmed up beleive me you probably aren’t. Like on the combat i swung at A Target and hit it but since you are swinging at air if you think you can just throw a haymaker right of the bat you cant, i thought i threw my arm out tyring to swing at that thing. Some of the problems are that you need to have quite a bit of room , and it needs to be pretty will lit. in some cases a had to wrap a shirt around my fist for the camera to pick it up. If you have a lamp or two close by just turn them on this should help.

    Pros. 1. Burns calories

    2. Fun and entertainiing for the whole family even mom and pops

    3. Actually pretty challenging.

    4. actually measures how hard you hit the object

    5. ther are many more i jsut cant list them all

    Cons. 1. need to have a pretty good sized area

    2. needs to be well lit

    3. and a few more little things but nothing major

  3. Appliance & Kitchen Fan says:


    We just bought this game a week ago. Not a day goes by that I don’t work out with it!

    Why do I love it?

    The game has Cardio, Combat, Tone & Mind Body.

    Cardio – the games require you to hit and kick moving orbs on the screen. This is really FUN!

    Combat – the games require you to hit and kick things on the screen, but HARD. This is also very fun and gets out any anger or frustration you have.

    Tone – Abs, lower body, upper body, arms… – I’ve only done the abs portion on easy. I’ve done loads of pilates and crunches and though it starts off easy (for me, I imagine for people that haven’t done a lot of abs work should probably take it easy) and works up to some really HARD abs stuff.

    Mind Body – These are fun stretching, tai chi, etc. games. Games, yes, and you have to break the orbs, or followi them, etc.

    Very fun.

    You can have a personal trainer in either Anna or Matt (I have Anna, my husband has Matt) and do a 12 week personal trainer workout that gives you days off.

    There is also Routine Builder and you build routines if you wish.

    I do both, the personal trainer mode and the routine builder mode. On my days off from the personal trainer, I do several cardio routines sprinkled throughout the day.

    The warm up on the eyetoy is great. The stretch after is also nice.

    What I like more about this game, rather than Yourself Fitness is that you are not doing jumping jacks and jumps. I have a really hard time with them, and YF doesn’t have a skip (yet). Also, with this game the game doesn’t have to test you. It knows how well you are doing (ie, because of the camera). On YF you have to constantly take hard physical exams which require you to do jumping jacks and interrupt you if you want to just do the exercise for the day.

    So, I really really LOVE eyetoy kinetic!


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