How to Play the Catcher Position

How to Play the Catcher Position

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Welcome to the Baseball Encyclopedia Series of Learning Baseball Skills. The series is broken down into individual major skills which are explained in easy to understand layman’s terms and is designed for coaches, players and parents who want to insure their player’s access to the most comprehensive information available.

While no book can detail every skill required to play any sport, experience and natural talent plays a key role, the player will come away from this book with skills and understandings which will provide a solid foundation on which to build. Let’s begin with Series .… Learning How to Play the Catcher Position.

My fondest memories from my youth derived on the baseball diamond. From little league to high school to college and on into the minor leagues, I experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows which helped me conquer the trials of life everyone experiences.

Too old, and quite frankly, not good enough to rise to major league level play, I spent my entire adult life coaching little league teams and mentoring coaching staffs of various little league associations. I was a better coach and teacher than a player, achieving a high level of success.

I always thought about writing a baseball instructional manual in order to reach more coaches and players, but really didn’t know how to go about it. I wrestled with content, whether to make it elementary or detailed. My first manuscript was over 500 pages in length and read like an instruction manual you get when you buy a new appliance. Dump that. Start again.

I finally decided to write short, information filled books, pertaining to basic and somewhat in-depth teaching skills based on each position and major skill levels. That way a person wanting to learn how to pitch can obtain that specific “How to” book, and etc. etc.
I sincerely believe the information in these instruction manuals will greatly increase the skill level of any player or coach. It’s a “Pay it Forward” debt I feel obligated to fulfill.


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