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3 Responses to “Microsoft Xbox 360 HDMI + Audio Dongle…”

  1. K. Kang says:


    It works very well with my Xbox 360 (CODMW2 limited edition), which came with crappy component cables. Now it is running on 1080p graphics

  2. David Bisbee says:


    FYI, this isn’t a game, it is an HDMI adapter for the xbox 360 game console. It works great!

    My kids were playing MW2 with the Triton headset AX180 and told me that they couldn’t hear the sound effects, just the chat from their opponents. I did a little research and found out that this device allows them to hear the game in stereo and the chatter! They were stoked!

    Unfortunately they don’t use this anymore because they got fed up returning the Triton headset they bought at Best Buy as it kept failing. I believe is was an issue with the connecting cord from the gamepad to the headphone j-box. We returned the AX180 three times for the same issue, I could ziptie the wire so it would work but it would fall off and it became a nuisance.

    Again, no issues with this HD adapter, it worked flawlessly.

  3. superman3043 says:


    Not much to this. It works as advertised and I got a great price and fast delivery from Amazon.


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