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Rock Band 3 is the next generation of the ultimate social and interactive music gaming platform developed by the category’s leading pioneers, Harmonix Music Systems. Featuring innovative game modes and instruments, Rock Band 3 will change the way fans think about and play music games.


  • RB3 has great new party modes for quick rocking sessions with friends, as well as a whole new universe of challenges including a revamped Career Mode and 700+ goals and rewards
  • Game track list contains over 80 of the best bands from around the world, including bands that have never appeared in a music game, and support for existing Rock Band tracks
  • Create and save set lists, and share them with your friends online and enjoy improved song sorting makes it easier to find the songs you like
  • Expand the band with the optional keyboard peripheral and 3-part vocals harmonies, together allowing support for up to 7 players
  • Take your passion for music to the next level with Rock Band Pro functionality that lets you develop real musical instrument skills through gameplay


3 Responses to “Rock Band 3”

  1. S. Mott says:


    Been playing since RB1, and have had the pleasure of experiencing those crazy gotchas with RB1 and RB2.

    (1) New tour mode: Got through the first two locations (accessible by train) last night. I’ve got to say it’s much better now, instead of being forced to play a particular song now they give you some options for each location. Each gig will present to you what you would like to choose to play, what I saw was:

    – Random set list (but at the top of the screen you could see the two songs that we’re selected, instead of waiting until you’re about to play to see the songs)

    – Random or Select 90s songs (some were random 90s genre songs, or you could select what songs you want to play from that genre).

    – Random or Select Classic Rock songs (^^)

    (2) Achievements during game play: So, instead of just playing to collect stars you are also collecting spades. In which at one gig we had to get as many overdrives during the song, or another gig we were going for accuracy. Definitely adds to the gameplay I feel.

    (3) People can now jump in or out during the song, no more having to start over! This will be put to the test this weekend, our son (17) is having his halloween party this weekend with a bunch of friends.

    (4) Song interface is way better and much easier to use.

    As we continue to play more I will update my review. If you are Rockband fan, this is a definite must have as you will not be disappointed!

  2. Frank Calidonna says:


    First let me start by saying that I have been playing rhythm games starting with Guitar Hero 2. When the original Rock Band was announced, I was sold on the idea, and thought the execution on the first game was solid, and the Rock Band 2 raised the bar significantly with the addition to extra career modes and online play.

    Now with the release of Rock Band 3, the bar has been raised again. While you play in many of the same venues as Rock Band 2, they have all been cleaned up and even the crappy dive bars you play in at the begining of the game look like somewhere I would grab a beer, or attempt to bowl a perfect game.

    The new Character Creator has been overhauled as well, giving you more options than Rock Band 2. Instead of being confined by the 8-10 face styles, you can adjust the chin, face structure, eye shape, nose type, and location of many of these features, giving you the ability to put your stamp on the game a little more than the previous two games.

    The Music Library has taken a well needed update. Instead of being able to sort by one criteria, you can choose to sort on a plethera of options. For instance, you can choose to display only songs that are available to play on the new PRO KEYS, then you can take it one step further and add a second sort for songs that you have not played yet. For someone that has DLC from Rock Band 1, Rock Band 2, Lego Rock Band, Green Day: Rock Band, and hundreds of songs of regular downloadable content, this is awesome.

    Finally, the songs on disk are fun to play. I love that there are some really guilty pleasures on the song selection. Centerfold by J. Geils Band, Foolin’ by Def Leppard, The Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News are fun to play. If you want something a bit more current, Combat Baby by Metric and In The Meantime by Spacehog are going to become standards for my online playlist. Speaking of playlists, you can create and save playlists to play later or share with friends. This is a cool new addition, with the best part being the ability to create them outside of the game from the new updated ROCKBAND.COM website.

    If you are curious about the genre, this is about as perfect a game as you are going to find to jump into. If you are already a fan of the genre, what are you doing reading this, go buy and play this bad boy.

    I did not include reviews of the PRO DRUMS or PRO GUITAR features only because I do not own the peripherals to access these features. I can tell you that the training for the PRO KEYS is awesome, guiding someone with no experience playing a keyboard to at least play the right hand portion of a song, and learn basic scales and chords. I like the being able to play at least a portion of an actual song on a real instrument. For someone with no experience with a keyboard, I was surprised by how this game made the instrument accessable to a complete beginner.

  3. R. Reining says:


    Things have changed, it’s a fact. And I know some people are not going to like it. Back when I first played Guitar Hero 2, all the way up through playing Rock Band 3 most of tonight with my brother, what I have always loved about all of these games is shredding on a tasty solo. Something entirely self-indulgent, and an obscene amount of fun. That being said, that is not what Rock Band 3 aimed for this time. The emphasis has shifted and is now on the entire band. One could argue as Rock Band was the first to come out with the drums / bass / vocal parts to create the band performance, the emphasis has always been on the band. But for me it always seemed like for the most part the vocals, drums and bass parts were all secondary to most of the songs that really have stand-out guitar parts. The selection of songs is indicative of a change in focus, from being the “guitar” game, to being the “band game.” No where is this more obvious than in Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ I was looking forward to playing the two awesome guitar solos in it, but when playing the song, a lot of it has me either sitting through vocal / drum / keyboard sections, or playing very easy note sequences. The songs are more mellowed-out, more easily accessible to those people looking to play as a group. Some people will not like that, but I don’t mind so much.

    As far as songs go, I was disappointed to a certain extent. While we do get ‘Free Bird,’ ‘The Beast and the Harlot,’ and ‘No One Knows,’ as the other reviewer pointed out, those songs have been in previous Guitar Hero games. There are so many songs that would be so cool on Rock Band, but some of these are just recycled, and I’m not sure why. But since all of my downloaded songs carried over it really wasn’t too big a deal. What we are really paying for in this game is the new ways in which songs play out, and the upgraded features the new software offers.

    You know that feeling in a sequel where you’re having fun, but it’s a tentative kind of fun, where you’re waiting to see or experience something that they changed from the previous game that you are really not going to like? That’s how I felt for the first couple of hours while I was playing tonight. But I have to give Harmonix credit once again. It seems that they left everything that worked in Rock Band 2, and then added features that were lacking from that game. For instance, when playing a set I was always disappointed that the only song you could see your note streak on was the last of them. It’s been changed now. Rock Band has taken a page out of Guitar Hero’s book here, and made your song stats viewable between songs. They even offer breakdowns of every section of the song, as well as a breakdown of how many points you earned in what ways (ie keeping a streak, overdrive, sustained, etc.). On top of that, when you are playing a song with more than just yourself, it shows you how many points each player got individually, minus the combined overdrive effect, which is neat. And you can rate songs right after you play them, which is a nice feature when you have ~500 songs so sift through.

    Solos are slightly different looking, not so much in your face anymore. Instead of the note track glowing glue, the edges of the track glow blue. Most of the time you won’t even realize you’re playing a solo until you notice it counting your percentage. Same thing with a new addition to overdrive. There are still the white-note sequences that earn you 25% of overdrive, but now there is also a new kind, where the edges of the note track will glow yellow, and for getting those parts perfectly you earn 50% overdrive automatically. I’m ambivalent on that point though. I didn’t see as the overdrive needed changing, but it’s definitely not something I’m complaining about.

    Setlists can now be saved to be played whenever you want, and the filters for organizing or displaying songs has been greatly expanded (Artist, Album, Genre, Decade, Instrument, Pro Mode Difficulty, Keyboard Part, Rating, Alphabetical by song, etc). Some things have been altered a bit, but it takes a learning curve or just a few minutes. As with recent Guitar Hero games, you can now drop in or out of a song or set at any time, as well as change profiles during any menu screen, which is a really nice new addition to the Rock Band repertoire. Another little thing that I noticed was pausing during a song. We’ve all done it, and it seems to happen unavoidably when we have a streak going, we’ve all been there. Rock Band 3 has solved the issue, and it’s incredibly simple. Guitar Hero: World Tour made it so when you unpause it gives you a few seconds to see what notes are coming, which was cool…but it was a frozen screen, and you had no clear idea of how fast the notes might come at you. With this game, when you unpause the song rewinds a few seconds, and while it doesn’t let you replay notes, it scrolls a blank note chart for a few seconds so you can get the feel of the speed, and then you pick up right back where you left off. Awesome new addition to the game.

    I think the only negative thing I can say about the game is that I miss the fun facts about bands that would display while the songs were loading. But again Harmonix won’t even let me complain about that, because the reason they’re gone is because loading times are insanely faster than they used to be. You pick your set, and within a few seconds the song is starting. I don’t know how they pulled that off, but it’s impressive. In fact, I think the only loading screen I’ve had so far was the first time I loaded the game, and the game was updating my downloadable songs. A+ for efficiency.

    The only REAL complaint I can make is that the Pro Mode guitar controller isn’t coming out for a couple more weeks (what’s up with that, Madcatz?). But I can say this, I browsed the training tutorials for both Pro Guitar and Keyboard, and they are extensive. It really is an impressive accomplishment, and I’m really looking forward to trying it out when the guitar gets here.

    The bottom line really is this: Even if you don’t like any of the songs that come with Rock Band 3, you should still buy it to play your old songs with the news features, because it’s so worth it.


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