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VTech - MobiGo Software - Penguins Of Madagascar

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Join the Penguins of Madagascar and King Julien on five different adventures. Help feed some hungry penguins by first using a giant slingshot to fling Private at the seagulls and take their fish. Then guide Private as he takes off on an exciting journey underneath the zoo to find King Julien's lost crown. Use your logic to help the penguins get out of a sticky situation when they find themselves captured by the ruthless Dr. Blowhole. Follow Kowalski's plan to trick Alice the Zookeeper with some fake pictures as she watches the penguins on the zoo's monitor. And lastly, dance and play with the energetic King Julien as he goes about finding delicious fruit smoothies in the zoo. Appropriate for children ages 4-7, this game combines excitement, fun, and humor while helping kids grow their skills in logic and problem solving.



  • Finger touch play
  • Features all four penguins plus King Julien
  • Games include great Penguins of Madagascar humor
  • Play games in any order
  • Compatible with all VTech MobiGo systems


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