Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect

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  1. Mark McLachlan says:


    I stood in line to get this console at midnight, and I haven’t wanted to stop playing it since! I have heard a mix of reviews from various people, but I can confidently say that I would recommend this to ANYONE, regardless of your experience with video games. I’m more of a hardcore gamer, and I still love playing with the Kinect, even though the games at the moment are more casual. It’s very accurate, and the experience is something that is so hard to describe. You’ll have to find out for yourself. This technology is the first of its kind to be delivered in this way, and Microsoft really hit the nail on the head with it. If you’re on the fence about making this purchase, don’t be. The negativity that I’ve heard surrounding Kinect reviews are usually coming from those who prefer the PS3 and just want to downplay the Kinect. The huge positivity that you hear surrounding Kinect is because it truly is an amazing device!

  2. J. Stern says:


    I really love my new Xbox. (Sold my old one at ebay so I got it practically for a 150 $). And the best thing is you CAN use your old hard drive with the new one! So 4gb was perfectly fine for me.

    And of course there is Kinect. I’m not the target group but hey it comes with the Xbox so I couldn’t care less.

    It’s actually pretty fun! And it works better than expected. I probably gonna end up buying another game.

    So if you have an old system, buy either the 4gb or 250gb Version WITH the kinect and if you’re new to Xbox do the same! It’s a steal.

    And I don’t know why people are bashing it. If you don’t like it don’t buy it. It’s that easy.

  3. FTP says:


    The xbox 360 Kinect with 4 GB. is what the original arcade version should have been, and is definitely worth its $300 price tag.

    10 new features of this model are:

    1. New Valhalla chip – hopefully improved design to prevent RRoD issue, but tech. reviews noted that the Jasper chip in the older Elite model runs cooler

    2. WiFi N – this is the newest wifi standard that is 12X faster (up to 600 Mbits/ sec) than wifi G; you’ll need a Wifi N router to get the max. speed

    3. digital optical audio port (if your sound system is separate from your TV, then you’ll need this to get full 5.1 surround sound)

    4. 4 GB of flash memory (although 1.1 GB is used by the game system, but 0.3 GB can be reclaimed by deleting 4 game demos)

    5. 5 USB ports (2 in front & 3 in back)

    6. slimmer design with side vents (to prevent overheating)

    7. dedicated port for Kinect with demo game (also $50 cheaper than buying Kinect separately from Xbox)

    8. only 1 year of warranty (the only negative; older Elite models had 3 yrs.)

    9. USB flash drive support (this was a xbox software update released in April 2010)

    10. ESPN video streaming (will be included if you are a Gold member, $50/ yr.; should be available about Nov. 2010)

    Slim 4 GB vs. 250 GB hard drive:

    I bought the 4 GB system over the model with 250 GB hard drive because the xbox now supports game saves/ installs/ downloads and pic/ audio/ video downloads to USB flash drives. It supports 1-2 USB flash drives with 1-16 GB memory (using a 16 GB drive, 1.6 GB is used for formatting). Saving games and media to the USB drives is recommended since loading games and media will be much faster (reading memory is faster than reading hard drive) and more reliable (flash memory rarely fails, unlike hard drives); even the xbox live director recommended using USB drives for storage. If you have such a huge appetite for videos downloads and game demos that 32 GB can not accomodate, then you can always upgrade later with the 250 GB hard drive that will be sold in November; note that the older xbox hard drives are NOT compatible with the slim models. Installing xbox 360 games and game demos on the flash drives is no problem; xbox will ask you which drive to install the game. However, I can not verify if you can install older xbox games like Halo on the flash drive. The only xbox game I have is Halo 2, which does not install on flash. This problem may be specific to Halo 2 because even xbox live does not have Halo 2 for sale, which means Halo 2 is not supported without a xbox hard drive. I’m suspecting that any older games listed on xbox live is enabled for flash installation, but if they’re not listed then you’ll need a xbox hard drive. This is annoying but not a big issue since there are only a few older xbox games that you may want to play.

    While the concept of natural body movements translating into character’s actions sounds intuitive, the implementation of this idea in games has eluded many game developers. Too much motion will tire out the gamer, repetitive motion will bore the gamer, and complicated motions can not be successfully detected by the controllers. I’ll compare motion controllers for all 3 systems below.

    Usage Comparison:

    The Wii was wildly popular when it was released due to its novelty, however 4 years later, few Wii game innovations have appeared causing Nintendo to lose market share in the past year. The PS3 Move is more accurate than the Wii since the Move tracks motion in 3-D space while the Wii tracks motion in 2-D space (2 dimensional, like paper) and analyzes that data to interpret 3-D movements. The light globe on the PS3 Move looks cool initially, but the bright light becomes glaringly annoying soon, especially in a dark room. Both the Wii and PS3 motion controllers are less integrated to the console’s navigations and functions than the Xbox Kinect. The Kinect allows users to say commands and motion gestures to navigate menus, browse online, interact with avatars, and play media content. Winner: Xbox Kinect.

    Price Comparison:

    The Wii system ($200) includes the 3 controllers (Wiimote, nunchuk, & motionPlus) needed for 1 player, but costs another $40-80 per player, depending on the accessories that you buy. The PS3 Move retails for $100 for 1 player and the XBOX Kinect retails for $150 for 2 players, but both are accessories so they require the original game system. Also, the PS3 Move requires $50-100 more per player, depending on the accessories that you buy, while the XBOX initially supports 2 players but is capable of tracking 6 players for future games. All 3 motion systems include a game to showcase the controller’s features. For 2 players, the Wii is the cheapest system and the PS3 is the most expensive; but when the Xbox supports 4 players (probably via a software update in 1 year), it will be cheaper than getting a Wii. Winner: Xbox Kinect (assuming 4+ players).

    Technical Comparison:

    Motion detection differs in all 3 game systems. The Wii uses micromechanical components, such as an accelerometer and gyroscope, and an infrared sensor. The PS3 Move uses an accelerometer, angular-rate sensor, and visual tracking of a LED-lit globe. While the Wii & PS3 Move use similar components, the PS3 has the advantage since its components have 3-axis of motion detection compared to 2-axis sensors in the Wii; also the PS3 has a stronger processor to calculate position and distance. Instead of relying on micromechanical components, the XBOX Kinect uses a video camera, an infrared camera, and a 4-microphones array, which together is capable of gesture, facial, and voice recognition for tracking up to 6 players. The PS3’s disadvantage is that micromechanical components may wear & tear and cause inaccurate motion detection, while the Xbox’s disadvantage is that more processing overhead is needed when analyzing video and sound to interpret the players’ motion. While the PS3 is the obvious winner over the Wii, the success of the PS3 Move vs. the Xbox Kinect will depend on the game developers’ ability to translate motion into actions. Overall, the Xbox Kinect has a slight advantage because the motion software can always be improved by Microsoft, whereas the PS3 controllers will most likely remain unchanged since hardware redesigns are always expensive to both the company and its users. Winner: Xbox Kinect.

    Summary: the Kinect wins all 3 comparisons, so the Xbox is a great buy!


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