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3 Responses to “Xbox 360 Controller”

  1. Wayne says:


    Once I found out that the new xbox 360 controller would work for the PC, I simply had to go purchase one right away and see how well it worked for myself. And I’m quite happy to report that this controller works extremely well on the PC. While I’m sure this controller is awesome connected to an Xbox 360, since I don’t have one, I’ll keep comments specific to the “PC experience.”

    First, there is no need to buy the “PC version.” Save yourself $5 and buy the xbox version. Then after connecting your controller to the PC, go to Windows Update, and download the drivers for free!

    After easily installing the drivers, I first played Need for Speed Most Wanted, and it worked flawlessly. The throttle type controls at the back for brake/gas could be a little more responsive, but otherwise are a very useful feature.

    Note: Also in response to another reviewer who said it was hard to find a “center” position while racing – this is due to the game itself, not the controller. I used 3 steering wheels, 4 controllers, and a keyboard, and they ALL do this in that particular game. You get used to it though. 🙂

    I also played Colin McRae ’05, BF2, COD2, Quake 4, and a few other racing games. And while I’m normally a mouse/keyboard person when it comes to FPS, I was suprised at how easily it is to use the controller in those particular games. While I certainly won’t be ditching the mouse/keyboard anytime soon, it works great for racing games, and any game where you may have to drive a car/boat/plane, such as BF2. Those are places where the keyboard/mouse simply won’t do.

    And another thing I noticed was that after a few hours of gaming, the controller still felt quite comfortable. All the buttons, d-pad, and analog controls seem to be in the perfect place! It’s very easy to press any button you may want without ever looking at the game pad. And now, I simply can’t stop using it.

    Just for reference, I’m comparing this gamepad to other game pads I currently own, which are the Saitek P880, Saitek P3000, Logitech Wingman cordless, and 2 gravis game pads. The only one that comes close is the P880, but the Xbox 360 controller is still easily the best out of this group.

    And to wrap everything up, here is a list of Pros and cons.


    – Most comfortable controller so far

    – Great layout for easy access

    – Throttle controls at back of gamepad

    – 12 buttons (excluding xbox direct button)!

    – Analog controls also function as buttons

    – Solid/sturdy feel


    – Xbox Direct button has no function for PC.

    – Rumble doesn’t seem to work

    – White colored controller doesn’t really match anything around my PC. 🙂

    Since I can only hope some of those con’s will be fixed with updated drivers, I’m going to give this device a 5 star rating, and consider it highly recommended for PC users.

  2. Akash says:


    The Xbox 360 controller is just wonderful, the best console controller I’ve ever held in fact.

    Those looking to buy the “Xbox 360 controller for windows” should be aware that this is the EXACT same controller, so buy whichever is cheaper. The only difference is that the former comes with the software CD…whereas you’ll have to download the software for this one from the website. Also, the windows packaging is far uglier…if you care. But both are USB and work with either 360 or PC.

    Microsoft making this controller cross compatible is actually a pretty big deal as there may finally be a level of standardization for PC controllers, if most people being using this controller is makes it far easier on game developers to know what interface gamers are using. In fact, many games are coming with a 360 control scheme pre-installed, just as Need For Speed Most Wanted.

  3. Terry Mesnard says:


    I am not an Xbox fanboy. True, I own an Xbox 360, but I don’t hold one console over the others in terms of “omggottahave.” However, I am quite fond of the new Xbox 360 controller. Its design was much better implemented than the original Xbox controller that was HUGE (then just big after the S type) and clunky. It felt like a block of heavy plastic. Button spacing was weird and it just felt clumsy. Now that the Xbox 360 controller is out, I have to say that it is my favorite of the 3D-based controllers out there. But this isn’t a review about the actual hardware as much as it is for the uses for it.

    In short, it works perfectly for the PC. I am not a huge PC gamer mostly because I have grown up on the console side. There are some games that I do really well with the PC (RPGs, MMOs, point and click adventure games, etc.) but there are some that I’m okay with (FPS) and some that I am terrible with (Platforming, third person perspective). On top of that, I could never find a gamepad made for the PC that I liked as much as the ones for the consoles. So, when the Xbox 360 controller came out that was compatible with the PC I thought the gaming gods were smiling upon me.

    Getting it installed takes just a matter of minutes; mostly, your install time involves going to the website, downloading the drivers for the controller and then just running that application. From there, the computer recognizes the controller and when you get into a game, you can easily calibrate the controls.

    I have used three games with this. F.E.A.R., Tomb Raider: Legends, and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. Dreamfall didn’t recognize the trigger buttons. The bumpers, the face buttons, the analog controls and the direction pad work perfectly, but the triggers aren’t recognized. F.E.A.R. was a bit tricky, mostly because there are so many buttons that need to be used that it makes using an controller problematic. Tomb Raider worked wonders and made me happy since I didn’t want to shell out $60 for a game I could get for $40 on the PC.

    Also, gamers should be pleased to note that Ventrilo recognizes the controller and you can use the press-to-talk function with the controller. It doesn’t recognize the triggers, but any other button on the controller is fair game. Really helps when you’re playing a game that Ventrilo helps you with.

    Overall, it’s a great controller. I will note that you can’t use a wireless controller plugged in with the plug and play charger. You have to use the standard, wired controller. But for those looking for a good controller to use with the PC, I can’t recommend the Xbox 360 controller enough.


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